When Is the Perfect Time to Book an Exterior Paint Job? - Imagine Painting
When Is the Perfect Time to Book an Exterior Paint Job? - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

When Is the Perfect Time to Book an Exterior Paint Job?

May 22, 2018

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that guests will see, resulting in an judgement of the rest of your house. Give them a strong first impression by booking an exterior paint job with Imagine Painting! However, know that exterior painting projects are tricky due to the unpredictability of the weather in Calgary. When is the best time of year to start the painting season?

Spring and Summer

Early summer is probably the best time of the year for exterior painting. Generally, precipitation levels are low overall and the temperature is mild, perfect for working outdoors. The sun provides ample natural lighting, allowing you and our team to view the new colours you’re applying in the lighting they’ll most often be seen in. Temperatures that are too high can have an effect on wet paint, so waiting until the dead of summer isn’t the best idea. See if you can book for a day with few temperature fluctuations, as a stable temperature is important to ensure uniform drying. The paint can become difficult to work with if the drop in temperature is too sudden, or if it gets too low in the evening. Check the forecast ahead of time as the weather is certainly subject to frequent change, something Calgarians are quite familiar with.

Painting in the Fall

For the same reasons as early summer, fall is not a bad choice to start painting. Temperatures, although cooler on average, are generally fairly stable and aren’t cold enough to make work uncomfortable. As an added benefit, daytime and nighttime temperatures tend to differ less in the fall, helping paint dry more uniformly. If it’s been a particularly rainy summer, you might want to hold off until fall, as paint should only be applied to dry surfaces. Check the humidity in your area that day to make sure it’s not too high. Early morning painting isn’t always a good idea, as dew and morning frost can collect on painting surfaces.

Other Times of the Year

For obvious reasons, winter is never a good time for exterior painting. The bitter cold is hard on wet paint (and on disgruntled workers). Moreover, rooftops are covered with snow, leaving surfaces either too icy or too wet to paint on. Springtime often means lots of rain showers, making it difficult to find a day for painting although you may get lucky some years.

While each has their pros and cons, early summer or early fall are the two best times for exterior painting. Feel rest assured that Imagine Painting will work with you to make sure that we get started at the best possible time, when the weather is just right. Looking to get started? Find out more about our services, or call us at 403-305-8786 today!


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