Using Relaxing Colours in Your Bedroom - Imagine Painting
Using Relaxing Colours in Your Bedroom - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

Using Relaxing Colours in Your Bedroom

September 15, 2018

Your bedroom is probably where you spent a good portion of a 24 hour day. It’s the last thing you see before saying goodnight and the first thing that greets you in the morning. It can be tough, then, if your tastes have changed and that colour scheme you first picked out isn’t working for you anymore. What kinds of things should you consider when thinking about repainting your bedroom?

Set the Tone

First, recall the purpose of the bedroom. Most of us like to retire to a place that’s soothing and relaxing, a place where we can relinquish the stresses of the day and just enjoy a peaceful night. Softer tones are a great choice for bedrooms because of this. Not a fan of tan and gray? Soothing doesn’t have to mean boring! Feel free to add a light splash of colour, or compliment your choice of paint with contrasting furniture pieces. The fantastic thing about the bedroom is that you rarely have to show it off to guests at a party. It’s your sanctuary and that means you get to paint it however you’re comfortable. Pick a colour scheme that reflects what retiring to the bedroom each night means to you.

Things to Avoid

While there are no hard or fast rules, there are a few guidelines that you may wish to follow. Aim to stay away from bright or bold shades. These evoke wakefulness and could make it difficult for you to settle down at night. Red, in particular, does not belong in bedrooms as it’s associated with excitement and agitation. Yellow suffers from a similar pitfall, but is not as obtuse as red and can still work if handled correctly. Commonly, you’ll find soothing shades of blue or lavender, which are calming and can help usher you towards dream land. Black is surprisingly viable as a bedroom colour, but only if it’s properly balanced out with lighter shades or there’s plenty of lighting. A good way to utilize black is to pair it with lightly coloured curtains or lampshades.

Children take great joy in decorating their bedroom and making it their own, but that doesn’t mean the same can’t be said for adults! Tired of waking up to the same old thing and looking to push your bedroom to the heights of luxury and splendor? What are you waiting for? Imagine Painting is standing by and ready to be at your service. Reach us at 403-305-8786 today!


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