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The Psychology of Paint Colours - Imagine Painting - Luxury Painters in Calgary

The Psychology of Paint Colours

June 1, 2018

Think that colour is just something for your eyes to enjoy? Think again! Humans have been associating colours with various moods and emotions since the Stone Age, using it as a way to convey and express ideas. Even in our modern information era, colour remains an important part of our life. Imagine trying to explain the concept of colour to someone who has been colourblind all their life. The fact that our language has yet to progress to the point where we can convey ideas of colour says something about how important it is in our psychology. How can you use different colours in your interior or exterior design?

Cooler Colours

These are colours which are associated with coolness and can often be enigmatic and mysterious. Blue tends to be calming and friendly, giving off an aura of deep-seated trust and contentment. Moreover, it’s the colour of the sky and the ocean, allowing one an appreciation of the vastness of your space. Purple is much more dramatic and mysterious, inviting you to explore the space through an imaginative lens. If used correctly, it can also be used to add touches of wealth, royalty, and wisdom to a room. Greens are extremely diverse, reflecting their abundance in nature, and can be used in countless ways to express anything from joy to harmony. Lighter greens are an excellent choice to colour a front porch to show that your home exists harmoniously with nature.

Warmer Colours

Colours like yellow, orange, and red are associated with greater warmth, and are hence aptly named. Yellow invites feelings of happiness and optimism, like that in which you would find on a warm sunny day. Pale yellow is a better choice if you want to brighten up a space without making it blinding to the eyes. Orange offers a steady balance between the cheer of yellow and the deeper passion of a strong red. It ushers vibrancy and enthusiasm, perfect for entertaining guests. Red is the boldest amongst the warmer colours and symbolizes passion and excitement. Its inherent excitement and energy should be used carefully, otherwise you risk overpowering a space.

Our eyes only have three kinds of colour receptors, yet with them we’re able to perceive an amazing number of colour combinations. This is mostly thanks to our brains, which interpret the light that enters our eyes for us into the various colours and shades we know and love. Imagine Painting loves tackling challenging new projects with exciting and vibrant colour combinations. If you’ve got a great idea in mind, we can help you bring it to life. Find out more about what we do at or call us at 403-305-8786 today!


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