The Best Paint Colours to Increase Your Home’s Value - Imagine Painting
The Best Paint Colours to Increase Your Home’s Value - Imagine Painting - Calgary Luxury Painters

The Best Paint Colours to Increase Your Home’s Value

July 9, 2018

Looking to sell your home? You’ll want to ensure that it’s in tip top shape before it hits the market. What’s a simple, effective, but often overlooked method that can be employed to easily boost the value of your home? Imagine Painting has your answer in our name!

Initial Impressions

If you’ve ever been house hunting, you know just how important the initial impression can be. Viewing a house and seeing chipped paint or worn out floors is an immediate sign to move on. On the other hand, fresh and vibrant colours will instantly stand out to any potential buyer and is an excellent way to instigate further interest. Set the expectations high and show to buyers that your house is worth the time!

Interior Colours

It’s highly likely that you and the next owner of your home will have differing preferences in colour and tastes in interior design. Keep this in mind when preparing your home for the market by aiming to focus on neutral colours. This will require less effort from buyers to imagine themselves living in the space. Neutral colours don’t mean drab or boring! Look for refreshing coats of beige, gray, or tan. These colours have the ability to inconspicuously brighten up and revitalize a room without needing to boldly announce their presence.

Exterior Colours

Don’t go overboard! Keep whatever colour scheme you choose simple and clean. Houses that have too much going on can be viewed as cluttered and messy. Use a neutral colour for the majority of the body of your home. For contrast, choose a stronger colour for the trim or garage. Finally, consider adding a dash of colour to your front door or porch that’s complementary to your trim to make help make your home stand out. Your house might already have an appealing colour scheme; if this is the case, look for areas where the paint is worn or chipped. Scout your home’s exterior carefully, as though you were looking at the house for the first time.

Selling your home is a difficult task made no easier by an ever fluctuating real estate market. Ensure that your house stays on the forefront by revitalizing it with a luxurious new layer of paint from Imagine Painting! Fresh colours will also increase your home’s value and allow it to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. What are you waiting for? Reach us at 403-305-8786.


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