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The Art of the Accent Wall - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

The Art of the Accent Wall

September 1, 2018

You’ve worked hard to make your home as beautiful and magnificent as you’ve always wanted your dream home to be. Every colour is thoughtfully placed and every piece of furniture plays an integral role. However, perhaps you feel as though there’s just something missing, something which could really push a room over the top. What you’re looking for is an accent wall!

Add Some Flair

A well placed accent wall will show off your command of the space around you and your ability to shape it. Use it strategically to turn something into the emphasis or focus of a room. When painting a normal wall, you usually want to keep things subtle, playing with gentler and softer tones. For accent walls, you need to think bold! Pick a colour that will stand out from the background and announce its presence proudly. Bright and bold colours, such as red in particular, makes a great choice for an accent wall. Alternatively, feel free to get creative. A large space can benefit from a stylishly chosen pattern, or the use of dramatic wallpapers.

Choosing a Wall

When choosing where to place an accent wall, you want to first take into account the purpose of the room or space. For example, red, which we previously recommended, would make a poor choice in a bedroom, even as an accent wall, as it doesn’t synergize with the room’s purpose. You want the bedroom ambience to feel relaxed, peaceful, and welcoming, so a blue or purple would be more ideal. Besides the purpose of the room, look for distinctive defining characteristics that make a room unique. Fireplaces are a common and obvious example, but perhaps you have a special achievement you like to showcase, or a unique piece of furniture.  

Don’t Go Overboard

The purpose of the accent wall is to provide something that immediately turns heads by drawing the viewer’s attention to it. This effect is ruined as soon as an accent is overdone. Careful and thoughtful attention to detail is required to get the most out of a good accent wall. As a general rule of thumb, aim to allocate at maximum 10% of the total surface area of a room to your chosen accent colour. Also take into account how bare your chosen wall is. A strongly painted bare wall, even if it’s only 10% of the total surface area, can look obtuse and overly aggressive. On the other hand, if your accent colour is obscured by dressers, cabinets, or shelving, the effect is also ruined. Aim to strike a happy balance!

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