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Reimagine Dad’s Favourite Spaces

June 15, 2018

Houses tend to have plenty of shared spaces. Rooms like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms are all used by all members of the household on a regular basis. Aside from a personal bedroom, it’s hard to find places where one can go to collect their thoughts in solitude. While dads are happy to spend time with their family, they also look forward to enjoying some quiet time in their garage, their home office, or personal study. These “dad” spaces aren’t commonly used by the rest of the household and can become forgotten during renovations. Surprise your dad with a luxurious update to his favourite place to spend his time!

The Garage

Garages have a great tendency to get left behind while the rest of the house is overhauled and updated. For most people, the garage simply serves as a place to house your vehicles and dirty gardening supplies. For dads, however, the garage might instead be seen as the perfect place for a workshop, or to start on a new construction or gardening project. While this dimly lit annex to your house might not seem like much to you, a dad who spends much of his free time in there is sure to love a fresh new look. Consider knocking out some windows to add some much needed natural lighting to your garage, or look to see where more lights can be added. Cover up the pink fiberglass insulation with some drywall coated with luxuriously rich colours that are sure to breathe new life into an old space. Revitalize your dad’s garage and turn it into the work area he always wanted it to be.

The Study

There’s nothing quite like having a home study to retire to after a long day’s work. Even if it’s just to finish the rest of the day’s work, there’s something special about working from a home office that you can’t get anywhere else. Some dads might instead enjoy unwinding in a private library, browsing a collection of their favourite works. Whatever the case might be, a luxurious overhaul to his personal space could be exactly what your dad is looking for. You can also think about getting the shelving redone, or adding some new furniture to complement a theme. Imagine Painting can help bring your design ideas to life with elegant coats of paint that will completely transform a space and give it a magnificent new look.

Now, not many dads will appreciate strangers coming into his personal space and completely overhauling it. Bring up a discussion with him about what kind of changes he might like to make to his space, perhaps under the guise of wanting to offer advice for a friend. Find out what his dream garage or study space might look like. Then, treat your dad to a weekend trip and let Imagine Painting do the rest! You can reach us at 403-305-8786 or today!


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