Preparing your Home for Listing - Imagine Painting
Preparing your Home for Listing - Imagine Painting - Calgary Commercial Painters

Preparing your Home for Listing

December 10, 2017

There comes a time when every monarch needs to set down their crown and surrender their throne to the next upcoming generation. If you’re ready to place your home onto the market, you want to make sure that your kingdom is made as welcoming as possible for viewing. An investment in a high quality paint job now can help attract a ton of interested buyers! Imagine Painting is here with some tips to ensure that you are successful as possible in your plans.

Learn to let go

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your old home, but learning to move on is the first step. As much as you feel like you are a part of your house, try to view it now as a product that you wish to sell. Channel your energy into making your home as beautiful as possible so someone else will be able to enjoy it to it’s fullest potential. Take some time to reminisce, but proceed with both eyes locked onto the future. A fresh new paint job can really help ease you through this transition. The goal is not to alienate yourself from your house, but improve upon is so that it becomes the best version of itself!

Aim for Space

Potential buyers and viewers of your home will be imagining themselves living within it. They’ll be trying their best to see where and how their furniture might fit in the space, and only once they’re satisfied with their arrangement will they even consider buying. To help them with this, ensure that you clean up and declutter the living space. Pack your personal belongings away where they aren’t the first thing that people see. The kitchen, living room, and bedrooms are of particular importance, as these are areas that you’ll have the strongest imprint upon. Often, a new coat of paint can really help clean up the look of a room. Try to imagine as though you were viewing your home from a stranger’s perspective? Could you see yourself moving in here?

A new Home Inside and Out

Although you spend most of your time living inside, the exterior of your house is just as important, if not more, in attracting buyers. The exterior is the very first thing that is seen by the public. This is where first impressions have a critical impact. A dusty and faded exterior will strongly impede your chances of making a sell. Imagine Painting has countless hours of experience in providing old exteriors with a fresh new coat of paint. Our product emphasizes quality and elegance, and is sure to help liven up your home and make it that much more appealing to buyers.

Selling your home and moving on are never easy tasks. Take some time to say goodbye, and leave it to our luxury finishes to ensure that your home is ready to catch the attention of buyers. Reach us at (403) 305-8786 today!


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