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Paint Colours and Office Productivity - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

Paint Colours and Office Productivity

October 1, 2018

In life, we are surrounded by colours. Different shades, hues, and intensities make up the world around us and influence our thoughts, emotions, and feelings on a subconscious level. For an average office worker, having to work in the same old dull gray cubicle will put a damper on their mood and decrease productivity. Investing in a refreshing splash of colour for your office can help do the opposite, boosting worker morale and productivity.

The Most Productive Colour

Which colour has the honour of being named the “most productive colour”? Most places will say blue. While blue certainly is seen as soothing and provokes mindfulness, it may not always be the correct choice. The most productive colour can change depending on your needs and the situation. For an office worker, blue is a good default choice based on the kind of work they’re doing. You would want something soothing and relaxing, yet stimulating enough to create a healthy work balance. If you have a creative team however, the goal is not to convey soothing tones but to help spark curiosity and encourage creativity. Yellow, in this scenario, might be the better choice.

Colour Intensity

In general, know that highly saturated colours are viewed as more stimulating. A deep blue or a bright yellow stands out much more than dampened versions. This isn’t to say that low saturation hues don’t have their place. They give off a more neutral feel, and can be used to create a relaxed environment. Once again, we see how the most productive colour can change depending on what you define as productive. Another thing to note is that very rarely are we presented with colours in isolation. Taking a quick glance around will show you how important variety is. Add touches of orange to blue surroundings, for example, to build contrast and create more interesting visual levels. Have colours work together to build the perfect work environment for your needs.

Colour has the ability to exert an appreciable effect on your behaviour, whether you notice it or not. As such, it can truly have an impact on your office workers. If you’re ready to boost productivity and get more out of your workers, call Imagine Painting today! We’ll revitalize your office space and provide a touch of elegance and luxury, turning it into a place your employees look forward to. Reach us at 403-305-8786.


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