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Importance of High Quality Paint - Imagine Painting - Luxury Painters in Calgary

Importance of High Quality Paint

June 8, 2018

When shopping around for a painting company, you’re likely looking for one that can do the job at an affordable price. However, it’s worth your while to look deeper and see exactly where their pricing comes from. Oftentimes, painters may opt to use cheaper paint in the interest of saving cash on their prices and materials. What’s the difference between high quality paint and regular paint, and why does it matter to you?

Paint Properties

Generally, paint itself is a mixture of pigments, resin, and some kind of solvent. The pigment is what provides the actual colour of the paint, and is usually some kind of strongly coloured compound. In order for the paint to adhere to surfaces, resin is required to act as a binding agent. Resin is commonly made of organic polymers, of which there exist a wide variety. Finally, the solvent is what everything is dissolved in. This may simply be water, or it may be an organic solvent depending on the composition of the paint. Aside from these basic ingredients, additives may be used to enhance various properties of the paint, such as imbuing it with mould resistance or helping it dry more uniformly.

Thinking Long Term

Does opting for a cheaper painting company really save you money? Much of it comes down to is how long you’re hoping the paint will last for. There are times where what you wish to have painted may not be of any significant importance to you, like if you’re looking for a quick touch up for your tool shed. However, you’ll start seeing the difference that high quality paint makes as soon as you start thinking long term. Cheaper paints tend to be difficult to clean if stained, and have poor durability. It’s likely to start chipping away very easily if exposed to changes in the environment or if applied onto a non-ideal surface. Furthermore, cheaper paints are more difficult to apply and won’t cover surfaces very well. On the flip side, high quality paints contain additives that help it resist spatter stains and scrubbing. It’s able to better adhere to your chosen surface while also better concealing the original wall colour.  While more “affordable” option start to lose their sheen in a short while, high quality paint is able to maintain its original fresh and vibrant appearance for years.

Imagine Painting prides itself in serving affluent Calgarians by adding a touch of luxury and elegance to their homes. We only use the highest quality materials and paints to ensure that your investment can be enjoyed for years to come. By choosing us, you’re showing all who enter your home that you only want the best for yourself and your surroundings. Reach us at 403-305-8786 or email us at today!


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