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How Often Should You Repaint Your Walls? - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

How Often Should You Repaint Your Walls?

October 15, 2018

A quality paint job can and should be enjoyed for many years, but just like anything else it’ll eventually need replacing sooner or later. The key is to find the sweet spot between not using paint to its full potential by repainting early and waiting too late to repaint your walls. What are some of the causes of paint wear and tear, and when is the best time to give us another call?

Factors Affecting Paint

Paint’s lifespan is affected by a variety of different factors. One of these, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, is what kind of room the painted wall is located in. For example, hallways should be repainted more frequently as they tend to undergo greater usage on a day to day basis. The children’s playroom and bedrooms might also require more frequent attention. Besides wear and tear, what else might cause you to want to repaint your walls? Perhaps you’ve simply gotten tired of the current colour and need something fresh. Imagine Painting specializes in breathing new life into rooms with invigorating paint jobs. How long paint lasts depends a lot on the quality of the work. A paint job by us can serve you for a long time, whereas a non-professional’s work might need replacing in a year of so.

Signs That It’s Time to Repaint

Sometimes it’s obvious when it’s time to repaint. Look carefully for areas of tearing, flaking, or peeling. This sort of thing is rare with our paint jobs, but might be more commonly seen from DIY projects or less experienced painters. Your paint might also get scuffed, scratched, or damaged in some other way. While a touchup can alleviate the problem, a new layer of paint could become necessary to avoid detracting from the room’s appearance. Finally, you’ll know it’s time for a change when you’ve grown tired of coming home each day to your surroundings. Tastes in design certainly change over time, and what you liked five or more years ago might no longer suit you.

Keeping your walls looking clean and well-maintained sends a positive message about the kind of person you are and the kind of environment you like living in. If your walls look like they’re due for a touchup, you know who to turn to! Imagine Painting is here and ready bring luxury and elegance to your home. Reach us at 403-305-8786 today!


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