Have Your Home Painted While You’re Away for Easter - Imagine Painting
Have Your Home Painted While You’re Away for Easter - Imagine Painting - Professional Painters Calgary

Have Your Home Painted While You’re Away for Easter

April 2, 2018

With the Easter holidays upon us at last, many Calgarians will be looking for a fun family weekend getaway to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life. At Imagine Painting, however, we’ll be busy looking for all the ways we can serve you during this busy time! Giving your home a makeover while your family is out of the house is a perfect way to ensure a productive and relaxing Easter weekend. Come home from your holiday to the sight of your home sporting a  brand new luxurious coat of paint.

Perfect Timing

Imagine Painting takes pride in catering to the necessities of affluent Canadians, and we understand the inconvenience that comes from living in a construction site of a home. Although we give our utmost respect and care when working on your property, there is bound to be some disruption to your daily life. Why not hire our team to work their magic while you’re out of the house already anyway? It’s a perfect way to remain productive as you relax through the Easter holidays, and you’ll have the pleasure of returning to a home reimagined in a fresh new colour.

Quality is Our Guarantee

Our professional team has decades of combined experience behind them, providing them with the skills and the experience necessary to ensure that you’re left with a product of the highest quality and workmanship. Our paint jobs are like no other, offering a touch of elegance and luxury in addition to breathing new life into your home. You’ll be in awe at the difference a quality coat of paint can have on your home, and you’ll have the luxury of enjoying that quality for years to come.

Utmost Respect

Imagine Painting understands very well that your home is your castle. We promise that we’ll treat your home with the highest level of care and respect throughout the entire process. Protecting your property from any and all collateral damage is a major part of our job, and we have the proper policies and protocols in place. Our team will work with you to discuss any ground rules or boundaries that you may have to ensure you know exactly what is going on and what work will be done. If you have any concerns whatsoever, don’t hesitate to let us know. Feel rest assured knowing your home is in good hands.

The Easter holidays are a perfect time for a weekend retreat, but why not also use it as an opportunity to finally get that interior paint job you’ve always wanted taken care of? Imagine Painting is here to serve you! Reach us at 403-305-8786 today!


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