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Extend the Life of Your Walls - Imagine Painting - Calgary Luxury Painters

Extend the Life of Your Walls

July 23, 2018

Even the most beautifully painted wall isn’t immune to the to the gaping jaws of entropy, always looking to swallow everything that’s clean and orderly. Your walls put up with a lot everyday, and it’s a simple fact that they will get dirty. What’s the best way to protect your walls and care for them so that they retain their luxurious layer as long as possible?

First Steps

If you trail a finger over the surface of your wall, you’ll probably find it coated with dust. Getting rid of that layer of dust is the first step to cleaning up your walls. Give them a thorough wipe with a microfibre cloth, like the kind you would use to clean your phone or computer screen. If there’s a lot of dust on your walls, you may want to check to make sure your air filters are working properly. If you’ve got a large wall that would take too long to clean by hand, you can use a soft vacuum attachment to get the job done.

Type of Paint

From here, your next step will depend on what kind of paint was used on your wall. Latex based paints are on the hardier side and can be easier to clean. Wet a sponge with a mixture of an all-purpose cleaner and warm water, then gently massage away fingerprints or stains. With oil based paints, your job is a little bit trickier. Use a solution containing some white vinegar and water and gently rub at the area. Take care to not use any harsh brushes or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage your wall. If in doubt, always try your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area first.


Wall corners are hotspots for stains and fingerprints to accumulate. Moreover, corners can easily be damaged by moving furniture or careless pets and children. Be extra vigilant when inspecting your corners. If you’re particularly concerned, consider installing a simple corner guard to protect these vulnerable areas.

Cleaner walls contribute to a cleaner overall house, something that you and your guests are sure to notice. Taking the effort to take care of your walls means you’ll get to enjoy their luxurious shine for years to come. Invest some of your time today to dust your walls and look for fingerprints or stains. Looking for a professional opinion? Imagine Painting has been proudly serving all the painting needs of affluent Calgarians for years. You can reach us at 403-305-8786  or check out our website anytime.


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