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Boosting Office Morale - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

Boosting Office Morale

August 22, 2018

Studies have shown that the quality and design of an office can have an impact on worker morale, including satisfaction and efficiency. On the flip side, this means that an old and worn out office could actually be impeding your productivity. What better way to revitalize an old office than with a luxurious new coat of paint?

Paint to Suit Your Needs

Workers who spend their entire days inside of the same building are going to become heavily influenced by its design. When looking at updating your colour, take some time to think about what the purpose of the space should be. A bold choice, for example, could be bright and warm colours like red or yellow, which can accentuate certain areas and draw attention to them. A powerful red is best saved to accentuate certain areas. Yellow has been shown to stimulate creativity and optimism, making it perfect for doing work that requires a bit of brainpower. A light blue or green, on the other hand, is more soothing and might be best fitted for a common space. These calming colours remain easy on the eyes even long term. When’s the last time you critically evaluated the quality of your meeting space? Workers may start to associate a sense of dread with meetings if they always occur in a dark and foreboding space. Brighten up your conference room with a new splash of colour to lighten the mood, unless that image of a dark and foreboding boss is what you’re going for!

Where to Draw the Line

As great as a fresh coat of paint can be, you should also take care not to go overboard. Excessive colour or convoluted patterns may be exciting at first, but can quickly make a previously serene space feel crowded and busy. Overdoing complex designs can affect your workers’ ability to concentrate. Keeping things simple doesn’t have to mean keeping things boring. You’ll be amazed at the difference that a quality coat of paint can have on a workspace.

The reign of grey office cubicles is over! Imagine Painting can help you usher your workspace into the modern era with a luxury and elegant new coat of paint. Make the office a place where your employees are proud to come to everyday. What are you waiting for? Give Imagine Painting a call at 403-305-8786 or email us at


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