A Wonderful Mother’s Day Surprise - Imagine Painting
A Wonderful Mother’s Day Surprise - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

A Wonderful Mother’s Day Surprise

May 8, 2018

Being a mother is the most difficult job on the planet. Mothers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and don’t get any overtime or holiday pay. This Mother’s Day, do something special to celebrate by surprising her with a lovely trip to someplace beautiful and warm while her home is treated to a full makeover!

Whisk Her Away

Albertans have had a long and difficult winter this year, and most of us are looking to get away to someplace warm and tropical. Although the month of May promises nicer weather, Calgarians know better than anyone how that can change in an instant. Planning a surprise getaway for your mother with some of her favourite family members will seem completely logical to her; she won’t suspect for a moment that there’s a second half to your grand surprise!

While She’s Away

Here’s where the real surprise begins. Imagine Painting has tons of expertise and experience in repainting interiors, and we pride our ability to breathe new life into an old home. While your mother is away enjoying herself, we’ll come in and work our magic, providing her home with a beautiful new makeover. Our paint is not only sure to revitalize your interior, but we guarantee to provide your interior with a touch of luxury and elegance that you won’t find from any other professional painting business. We know how to tap into the properties of elegance and bring out the ambience of a luxurious household, something that sets us apart from all our competitors

Talk Colour Palettes

If your mother is anything like the mothers we’re familiar with, she’ll be sure to have some strong opinions about having her home repainted without her knowledge. Speak to her beforehand to get an idea of what kind of colours she might be hoping to add. Pretend that you’re asking for a friend, or enlisting her help in livening up your own home. Check out the colour trends for the current year and discuss what will best bring out the strengths of her home.

Mothers deserve the best, and Imagine Painting provides the best! Treat your parent to a wonderful vacation someplace warm and give them the pleasure of coming home to a revitalized new home. Want to get started? You can reach us at 403-305-8786 or email us at info@imaginepainting.ca anytime!


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