3 Ways Fresh Paint Can Help Sell Your Home - Imagine Painting
3 Ways Fresh Paint Can Help Sell Your Home - Imagine Painting - Painters in Calgary

3 Ways Fresh Paint Can Help Sell Your Home

October 8, 2018

Looking to sell your home? Did you know that the vast majority of people, when asked, are unable to fully visualize their home painted a different colour? The quality of paint makes a massive impact on a buyer’s view of your home.

Exterior Paint

The exterior of your house is critical in providing potential buyers with a strong first impression. As the first and last thing they’ll see, you’ll want to be certain that it sends the correct message. You want to present a home that’s clean and well-maintained both inside and out. A high quality luxurious paint job will instantly make itself known, but a dirty and unkempt exterior will also do the same.

Interior Designs

Home buyers are looking for a place that they can easily see themselves living in. To accommodate this, recognize that everyone will have different tastes in design flair. Keeping interior colours neutral and subtle will allow your home to appeal to a wide variety of prospective buyers. However, neutral doesn’t mean boring! Imagine Painting can help bring out elements of elegance and luxury through quality paint jobs, regardless of the colour.

Unify the Look

Have your various rooms give off a distinct and unique vibe; each room could have a different albeit subtle thematic design. One aspect of a room that people tend to forget is the floor. A fresh coat of paint, or a new floor design, can really make or break a space’s cohesiveness. Consider painting window trims or doors a contrasting colour as a way to accentuate certain features. Do what it takes to give each room a unique identity and character while keeping them neutral enough for new potential homeowners to imprint on them.

Colour Matters

Your choice of colour plays no small role when trying to sell your home. Ensure that your colour hues and saturations are in line with the current trends. A splash of colour used carefully can really set your home apart from all others. At Imagine Painting, we pride ourself on our ability to add a touch of luxury and elegance to all our work, ensuring that your colour use remains tasteful.

Selling your home can be time consuming and daunting. A fresh coat of paint by quality professionals can make a huge impact and make this difficult process that much easier. If you’re ready to sell your home faster, Imagine Painting is ready for you. Reach us at 403-305-8786 today!


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